How do I change the layout in Studio?

Within Studio, you can edit the layout columns and rows to meet the needs of your prototype. 

To edit the layout columns in Studio:

  1. Open your document in Studio.
  2. Select the entire artboard (or artboards).
  3. In the right-hand inspector panel under the Layout section, check the box next to the column icon (column-icon.png).
  4. Click the column icon (column-icon.png).
  5. Adjust the Width, Count, GutterMargin, and Color.

The changes are immediately applied to your prototype. Repeat this process for layout rows by clicking the rows icon (layout-rows-icon.png).


Note: When you sync your prototype to InVision Cloud, only column width, count, gutter, and margin appear in Inspect mode. Column color and layout rows do not appear. For more information on viewing layout properties in Inspect, check out this article: How do I show the layout columns in Inspect for Studio?

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How do I change the layout in Studio?