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How do I hand off my account before I leave my Enterprise organization?

Leaving a company can be a stressful time. To make the transition as smooth as possible, check out our best practices and responsibilities for owners and admins.

This article is for Enterprise accounts only. If you are not on an InVision V6 Enterprise plan, check out this article instead.

Best practices

  • Transfer any prototypes to the Enterprise account.
    Prototypes created within the Enterprise account are owned by the Enterprise, and no transfer is needed.

    However, if your personal account is linked to your Enterprise account, it's possible there are prototypes you need to transfer to the Enterprise before leaving. To do so, check out this article: How do I transfer prototypes from my personal account to my Enterprise account?

    Currently, you can only transfer standard prototypes. You cannot transfer ownership of boards, freehands, or Studio prototypes.
  • Change your credentials (optional).
    If you normally sign in with a company email address, and that email address is also associated with your personal InVision account, be sure to update to a personal email address. Additionally, if your password is managed by a company password manager, change your password to something you know.

    That said, this step is optional if you don't want to take any personal prototypes with you when you leave. Please check with your company before changing any sign-in credentials.

Owner or admin responsibilities

We strongly recommend all Enterprise companies have at least two admins. This ensures that account access won't be lost if one admin leaves the company or is temporarily unreachable.

If you are an admin or owner on the account, be sure there is another admin before leaving.