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Studio compatibility with Sketch

When importing a Sketch file to Studio, there are a few differences to note. Check out the following table to see if your Sketch document will be affected.

Sketch feature Studio compatibility


Smooth corners do not import.


The following default to normal blend mode:

  • Soft light
  • Hard light
  • Hard difference
  • Exclusion
  • Hue
  • Saturation
  • Color
  • Luminosity


  • Angular gradient fills default to linear gradient fills with the same stops.
  • Noise fills default to solid fills.
  • Pattern fills default to solid fills.
  • Both non-zero and even-odd path fills always default to non-zero fills.


Since Studio does not currently support blurs, they do not import.


Certain appearance properties do not import:

  • Fill
  • Border
  • Shadow
  • Inner shadow
  • Blur


  • Craft interactions do not import.
  • Native Sketch interactions do not import.