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How can I preview my prototype with Craft Player?

Once you've brought your design to life with Craft Prototype, you're ready to see it in action.

Previewing Your Prototype

To preview your prototype in Sketch:

  1. Click the Craft Player icon (craft-player-icon.png).
  2. In the Player modal, click, scroll, and interact with the prototype as needed.
    Note: To navigate screens without using a hotspot, press the left and right directional arrows on your keyboard.

Craft Player User Interface


At the top of the Player, you'll find three items:

  • Artboard dropdown list: Click the dropdown list to change the artboard currently shown in the Player.
  • Settings: Click the Settings icon (craft-player-settings-icon.png) to reveal an extensive list of all available device types you can select as your viewport size for the Player.
    Note: When you first open the Player, the viewport size is assigned automatically, based on your artboard sizes.
  • Sync icon: Click the Sync icon (craft-player-sync-icon.png) to open the Craft Manager modal and publish your prototype to InVision.

Craft Player viewport sizes

You will find the following device types available as viewport sizes for the Player:

  • Phone
    • iPhone XS Max
    • iPhone XS
    • iPhone XR
    • iPhone 8 Plus
    • iPhone 8
    • iPhone SE
    • Galaxy S8
    • Galaxy S7
  • Tablet
    • iPad Pro
    • iPad
    • Nexus 10
    • Nexus 7
  • Watch
    • Apple Watch Series 4 44mm
    • Apple Watch Series 4 40mm
    • Apple Watch Series 3 42mm
    • Apple Watch Series 3 38mm
    • Android Watch Square
    • Android Watch Round
  • Desktop
    • Apple TV
    • 15" MacBook Pro
    • Desktop HD - Desktop

Layout options and other settings

The additional settings for Craft Player differ slightly based on the device type you have selected:

  • Rotate to Landscape: Available for phone or tablet device types only, click this option to preview the prototype in landscape layout. Or use the keyboard shortcut (Shift + Command + R) to rotate between landscape and portrait.
    Note: If in landscape layout, you’ll notice this option in the Settings menu says Rotate to Portrait instead.
  • Reset Scale: Click this option (or use the keyboard shortcut Control + Option + K) to reset the scale of the Player.
  • Reset Device: Click this option (or use the keyboard shortcut Control + Option + D) to reset the device type based on the size of your artboards.
  • Reload Sketch File: Click this option (or use the keyboard shortcut Command + R) to refresh the Player.