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Craft for Photoshop

Craft by InVision is a free plugin that helps streamline your design workflow by automating tedious actions and pulling in realistic sample data. The following Craft tools are available for Photoshop:

  • Sync: Send your designs into InVision instantly—no saving, exporting, dragging, or dropping. Simply select your screens in Photoshop (for macOS and Windows), choose the prototype you want to sync to, and easily import all of your screens into InVision.
  • Data: Bring real text, images, JSON, and live web content to your prototype, helping make your prototypes feel real without spending time making mock data within the app.
  • Duplicate: Quickly copy and arrange a layer in no time at all.
  • Stock: Powered by Getty Images, Stock makes it easier than ever to search and place premium high-resolution images in your designs.
  • Freehand: Rapidly capture feedback throughout the product design process in a real-time, flexible, and collaborative way.

These tools are built for Photoshop for MacOS. However, if you are using Photoshop for Windows, you can still download the Craft Sync tool.

Enabling Craft tools for Photoshop

Before using Craft with Photoshop, you will need to install Craft Manager. For steps on installing and updating Craft Manager for MacOS, reference our Craft Manager Getting Started Guide. If installing Craft Sync for Photoshop for Windows, reference this article: Installing Craft Sync for Windows

After installing Craft Manager, you can enable the tools in Photoshop. To enable each tool:

  1. In the Photoshop menu bar, navigate to Windows > Extensions.
  2. Click the desired tool.
  3. The icon will appear in the right side bar. Click and drag the icon to any location on the screen.


Repeat this process for each Craft tool you want to use.