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How do I disable the auto-update feature for Studio?

Organizations that require manual review of software updates prior to installation can restrict their users’ ability to update the Studio app. Disabling the auto-update feature for Studio will give such organizations time to review updates before allowing their team members to adopt the latest Studio software release.

While it is possible to disable auto updates, please note that only the two most recent versions of Studio are supported, and InVision deploys Studio updates often. If your organization disables auto updates and encounters a serious bug, you will be required to update to the latest version to resolve that bug.

For information on what's included in each version, check out the Studio release notes.

Disabling Auto Updates

Disabling the auto-update feature in Studio involves adding a file ( to a local folder on your machine; therefore, only an experienced administrator should take the steps to disable auto updates:

  • Mac users: Add the file to your ~/Library/Application Support/InVision Studio/storage/ folder.
  • Windows users: Add the file to your %APP_DATA%\InVision Studio\storage folder.

Prevent All Auto Updates

To disable the auto-update feature in Studio completely, the file must include the following key and definition: autoUpdates = disabled

Allow Only a Specific Studio Build

To ensure that members of your organization can use only a specific version of Studio, the file must include the autoUpdates key with the definition set to the specific build number, as seen in this example: autoUpdates = 1.11.0

Should you decide to approve a more-recent version down the road, you can simply update the version number in the file, and Studio will auto update one time, to the specified version.