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Release Notes: August 2018

We are improving InVision by squashing bugs and releasing new features every day. Here's an account of what we've accomplished this month.


What's New as of versions 0.96.0 and 0.96.1

  • New publishing workflow: The publish modal now includes a preview area as well as everything you need to configure the viewport, scaling, and appearance options for your prototype. You can also publish right from the preview modal now.
  • New zooming option: Switching between zooming relative to the center of the canvas or the center of a selected layer is now possible.
  • Override typography colors: You can now override typography colors on component instances.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Font rendering on published prototypes: You should no longer encounter the font rendering issue introduced with version 0.96.0. That issue impacted published prototypes that included non-system fonts, causing them to render incorrectly on the web.
  • Masking behavior:
    • Studio now uses the bottom-most layer to create the mask.
    • Layers that cannot be made into a mask (e.g., images) no longer offer the mask option in the tool bar.
    • Now you can create components from masked layers.
  • Components:
    • When adding center or outside borders to component children, you should no longer experience the issue that that caused size of the master component to render incorrectly in edit mode.
    • When editing a component master, you can now access export settings in the inspector.
    • After renaming a component definition of a nested component, you should now be able reorder the component definition in the layers panel.
    • Updating the name of a layer in a component definition should now update the layer name of its instances as expected.
    • When detaching components, you should no longer see layers moving around unexpectedly, rotating incorrectly, anchoring incorrectly, or sometimes disappearing altogether.
    • When creating components, the auto-layout behavior will now use offset anchoring instead of percentage-based dimensions.
  • HSL color issues:
    • Changing the saturation value in the HSL color picker no longer also modifies the hue.
    • Nudging the HSL color input fields using the arrow keys now sets the new value as expected.
    • When using the color picker, the hue slider no longer shifts slightly when adjusting the shade.
  • Alignment issues:
    • Text layers inside a component with anchoring overrides now animate based on the correct anchor point.
    • The X and Y values fare now updated more consistently during undo and redo as well as when using the alignment options.
  • Importing or pasting from Sketch: 
    • The issue that prevented you from pasting content from some .sketch files into Studio (even though you could import those files) has been corrected.
    • Layers imported from Sketch that aren’t part a group or artboard are now imported in the correct order.
    • Layers pasted into Studio from Sketch are now positioned as expected, rather than always being placed in the center of the viewport.
    • Artboards pasted into Studio from Sketch are now positioned as expected.
    • You may notice that we've added support for importing symbol overrides from older versions of Sketch.
    • Layers imported from Sketch with an angular gradient fill, which is not supported in Studio yet, now get their default fill color from the first gradient stop.
    • Artboards imported from Sketch are now using the expected active or inactive background settings.
  • Importing and Exporting SVGs: 
    • SVG imports that have shapes with no fill defined now default to black.
    • You may notice the improvements to our SVG import, including more complete support for the line element.
    • Exporting to SVG now respects the setting for whether or not to include the artboard background in the export.
  • Rendering issues: 
    • You should no longer encounter rendering errors when subtracting a rectangle at certain angles from an oval that has a border.
    • Rendering has been improved for joined paths created with the pen tool and when combining shapes.
  • Publishing: 
    • Publishing a prototype to InVision without a device viewport set was throwing a number of errors that we've fixed with this release.
    • When updating the viewport size in the app after publishing to InVision, you will now see the size updated as expected on the web.
    • You'll notice improved support for publishing large Studio files to InVision.
  • Shortcuts: 
    • You should no longer encounter the issue that was preventing some shortcut keys from working (until pressing the Esc key) after dismissing the Sketch import dialog.
    • You can now use Command + Option + G to create a new container from the selected objects.
    • You will now see keyboard shortcuts included in tooltips wherever applicable.
  • Combined shapes: 
    • You won't run into the issue that prevented creation of combined shapes after undoing any combined shape action on the same path.
    • Performance has been improved for resizing combined shapes.
    • Combined shapes that end up with no children will now get deleted as expected.
  • Duplication issue: Duplicating artboards or pages no longer un-links layers connected by a Motion interaction.
  • Failed interactions in preview: After deleting an artboard that has an interaction, you will no longer experience the issue that prevented subsequent interactions from getting triggered in the preview modal.
  • Layout and guides: 
    • You can now set a total width for your layout columns.
    • The input fields for layout guides and grids can no longer accept invalid or negative values.
    • Columns, rows, and grids are now available when editing a component master.
    • The behavior of smart guides when drawing has been improved.
    • Layout settings are no longer reset after the artboard orientation is changed.
  • Inserting images: You won't experience the issue that previously prevented you from inserting image layers when the layers panel has to scroll.
  • Motion editor: 
    • Studio will now round to two decimal places for the range sliders in the motion editor (rather than using the 17 decimal places that had been unintentionally used sometimes).
    • Images dragged into the motion editor no longer create new image layers in the editor.
  • Layers Panel:
    • The layers list no longer jumps to re-center on a selected layer.
    • The hit area on certain icons in the layers panel has been expanded.
    • We no longer copy the corner radius value when copying layer styles (this can be done on the canvas as well as in the layers panel).
  • Tooltips position: When drawing while zoomed in on the canvas, the tooltips are now positioned correctly.
  • Fonts: The list of document fonts are now updated right away, rather than not getting updated until after selecting another layer.
  • Closing empty files: Studio will no longer prompt you to save when closing an empty file, including one created with a blank artboard selected from the Studio launcher.
  • Updating Studio: There is a new visual indicator to let you know when an update is available.
  • Learning Studio: The 'Learn Studio' link now takes you to our new learning center.
  • Cursor flickering: The cursor no longer flickers slightly when hovering over certain tools.


What's New

  • Emoji:
    • You can now access emoji in the InVision conversations on your Studio prototypes.
    • Simply click the smiley icon inside the comment modal, or type a colon (:) and enter the name of an emoji you’re searching for.
  • Choose your line opacity in Freehand: To change the level of transparency of the lines you draw, you can now use the opacity feature. (See the description of the pencil tool in the Freehand Tools table for more detail). 
  • More-usable text entry in Freehand: 
    • You can now insert line breaks simply by pressing Enter / Return on your keyboard.
    • The type something prompt is now a placeholder rather than actual text that needs to be overwritten.

Bug Fixes

  • Connected “Never” setting to your comment notifications: You should no longer encounter the bug that was sending emails to accounts even after the account owner had set comment notifications to Never.
  • Inspect assets for Android: When export Inspect assets with multiple Android prefixes, these assets will now be exported in the correct resolution.
  • Inspect asset optimization: You should now always see the correct assets loaded in your folders.
  • Inspect measurements: Inspect measurements will now still display the correct values when you use the Chrome keyboard shortcut (Option + Command + Left/Right arrow) to toggle through browser tabs.
  • Collaborator invites: You will no longer see the erroneous "Invites sent!" notification when you remove a collaborator from a prototype. 
  • Slack integration: You may notice that a few adjustments to the way Slack integration works.
  • Stability improvements: To ensure you can always access InVision as expected, we have made several stability improvements.
  • Performance improvements: To make the product run faster, we have made a few performance optimizations.
  • Enterprise dashboard: You will no longer see the "For development purposes only" watermark on the Google map in your Enterprise dashboard.
  • Sign in: When you load the sign-in page, the email field will be automatically be active.
  • Image upload: Uploading and processing images should now work faster for all users.
  • Email notifications: You will now see links to download our iOS app and download our Android app at the bottom of our email notifications.

Craft + Sync

What's New

  • Craft now proxies network traffic: Enterprises with network firewalls have previously had to whitelist ~25 different domains so Craft could communicate with required services. These are now proxied through one domain (
    Note: This was rolled out to 25% of users in August.

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Design System Manager (DSM)

What's New

  • User Interface: When using DSM on the web, you will notice the new user interface design, which lends to better looking, better organized design libraries.
  • Reorganize folders in Sketch: Now you can reorganize your DSM folders in Sketch. Reorder items from either grid view or tree view.

Mobile: iOS

Bug Fixes & Improvements in Version 2.6.4

  • Overlays: You may notice numerous fixes related to overlay logic.
  • Studio prototypes for Private Cloud: The issue that was impacting Private Cloud users when viewing Studio prototypes has been resolved.
  • Freehand: You'll notice numerous UI improvements when using Freehand in our iOS app.
  • Performance: The latest release includes additional performance improvements.

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Mobile: Android

What's Changed in Version 1.10.1

This release includes a number of bug fixes and performance improvements.

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What's New

This month, we made a number of general security fixes, including fixes that will address SegmentSmack.