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Release Notes: July 2018

We are improving InVision by squashing bugs and releasing new features every day. Here's an account of what we've accomplished this month.


What's New as of version 0.94.20

  • Containers: Now you can set any group to behave like a container for the layers inside—making Studio's responsive design capabilities even more powerful. Think of a container as a mini-artboard within an artboard.
  • Copy & Paste interactions: You can now copy and paste your interactions from the Inspector panel.
  • Text formatting shortcuts: Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly reformat text. These include shortcuts for applying and removing bold font, changing font size, and text alignment.
  • Decimals for corner radius: You can now use decimal values when editing the radius of a corner.
  • Retained environment details: Studio will now open with the same zoom level, canvas position, and last viewed page as when you last close the app, so you can get back to work more quickly.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Border properties: Changing the properties of multiple borders selected at once now works as expected.
  • Corner radius discrepancy: Editing a path with a single corner radius now matches the radius set in the editor.
  • Scrubbing with the Rotate label: Using the scrubber for the Rotate label will now rotate groups, components, combined shapes, masks, and images as expected.
  • Moving & maximizing window: The draggable area in the top bar is larger than before, so you can move or maximize your window without needing to be so precise.
  • SVG exports: Images and image fills are now included when exporting an SVG.
  • Inspector panel unexpectedly locking: You will no longer encounter the issue that was, in some cases, causing the Inspector to lock up when selecting the artboard layer of a component definition.
  • Hidden Auto Link Layers button: The Auto Link Layers button is no longer hidden in the timeline editor when the Inspector panel is visible.
  • Hidden layers panel: The bottom of the layers panel no longer gets covered up when resizing the Studio window to fit on smaller monitors.
  • Boolean path operations: The boolean path operations have been disabled when an artboard is selected, because the operations are not useful in such cases.
  • Combined shapes: 
    • The handling of combined shapes has been improved so you will no longer see that result in invalid or invisible shapes.
    • There is more consistency when combining complex shapes, especially using the inverse operation.
    • The combined shape operations have been disabled when open paths are selected.
  • Pinned, nested groups: Ungrouping a nested group that is pinned to anything other than the top-left now works as expected.
  • Scaling of nested components: Nested components where both the child and parent components are set to use percentage-based width or height now scale with the proper relative size.
  • Detaching components with percentage-based width: You will no longer run into the issue that caused unexpected sizes and multiple undo steps when detaching a component with percentage-based width.
  • SVG exports: The fidelity and accuracy of SVG exports has been improved.
  • Zero-pixel width text areas: It is now considerably harder to accidentally draw a zero-pixel width text area.
  • Swapping components: You will no longer see the issue that prevented the swapping of components after pasting or duplicating them.
  • Overrides and fill colors for pasted components: You can now apply overrides and fill colors as expected to pasted components.
  • Anchor point behavior: Now you can change the anchor point behavior for the starting point and ending point of open paths.
  • Point and path selection: The hit area for point and path selection in the editor is bigger now.
  • Editing a gradient stop: It's now easier to edit a gradient stop when zoomed in.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Studio now supports keyboard shortcuts using the extended numeric keypad.
  • Scrolling through expanded components: The handling of scrolling when viewing expanded components in the layers list has been improved.
  • Checking for updates: When clicking the Check for Updates option in the InVision Studio drop-down menu, you will now see whether Studio is up to date or you need to download a newer version.
  • Unintentionally resetting component names: Component names no longer reset if you click the Go to Component Master checkbox.
  • Copying & pasting: Now you can copy and paste within artboards when the Library panel is visible.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for character spacing: These shortcuts have been updated:
    • Increase character spacing: Alt + Control + L
    • Decrease character spacing: Alt + Control + T


Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Prototype limit for free users: If a free user goes over the one free prototype limit, he or she will now see a pink banner at the top of the screen that shows the remaining grace period. Once the grace period runs out, the user will see a lock icon on the prototypes that are over the prototype limit.
  • Enterprise book a demo: There is a newly designed workflow for booking an Enterprise demo.
  • Hotspot hovers: The hotspot hover workflow has been improved. Now, when you move quickly between hover hotspots, each one will trigger the desired effect.
  • Sample projects: It's no longer possible to create sample projects in Private Cloud instances.
  • @mentions for project affiliates: Users who don't belong to an Enterprise company—yet are using a public link to view a prototype that belongs to the Enterprise—can now only @mention people who belong to the specific prototype when leaving comments.
  • @mentions for users: Users will now receive notifications for comments they were @mentioned in (by name), even if they aren’t added to a prototype.
  • Mention notification: A few incorrectly styled elements in the @mention notifications email have been corrected.
  • Send share link via email: Users who are on a paid plan can now send share links via email to a higher number of users at the same time.
  • Assets with Android prefix: By specifying multiple prefixes in the Export mode, users can now download all Android asset versions.
  • Assets in the Assets tab: All assets now appear consistently in the Assets tab.
  • Prototype titles: Longer prototype titles no longer break the header area of the prototype.
  • SSO in mobile: A few issues that had prevented using Single Sign-On (SSO) for the InVision iOS app and InVision Android app have been corrected.
  • Share link creation: Additional share links are no longer created when users open the Share modal.
  • Two factor authentication: The two-factor authentication steps have been redesigned, so the steps are now responsive and work on mobile devices.
  • Stability improvements: A number of stability improvements and optimizations made during the last month make the product run faster for everyone.

Craft + Sync

What's New

  • Symbols marked for export generate assets in Inspect: You can now mark a symbol for export one time, and each instance of the symbol will appear as downloadable in Inspect.

Bug Fixes

  • Some Inspect assets stuck in 'sync in progress': Layers and slices marked for export within Symbols on the Symbols page no longer get stuck during the sync process. You can now access all symbols in Inspect.
  • Craft Library document styles broken in Sketch version 50: You can now create document style guides when working with Sketch version 50.
  • Colors on Craft Library Styles page unintentionally becoming lighter: Performing multiple syncs no longer lightens the colors on the Styles page.
  • Random colors generated on Craft Library Styles page: Syncing styles no longer errantly generates additional colors on the Styles page.

Design System Manager (DSM)

What's New

  • Service Plans: DSM is now available in two plans—Free or Enterprise
  • Free trial for DSM Enterprise: You can now evaluate the DSM Enterprise plan with a free, 30-day, self-serve trial experience.

Mobile: iOS

What's New in version 2.6.2

  • Freehand: This version includes Freehand for iPhone and iPad, complete with Apple Pencil support.

Bug Fixes in version 2.6.2

  • General improvements: This version also includes a number of performance improvements and bug fixes.

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Mobile: Android

What's New in version 1.7.2

  • Freehand: You can now create new freehands right from the Android app as well as view your existing freehands.
  • Document List view: Easily navigate your documents on your Android device.
  • Screens view: Use the Screens view on any prototype to see and arrange thumbnails of all screens at once. 

Bug Fixes in version 1.7.2

  • General improvements: This version also includes a number of performance improvements and bug fixes.

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Bug Fixes

  • Platform stability & security improvements: We made a number of general security fixes and GDPR compliance updates.