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How do I save a mobile prototype to my phone?


Saving a mobile prototype directly to your phone can give the appearance of actually launching an app, further immersing users into the design experience. If you have an iPhone, the process of saving a mobile prototype to your device is simple. 

Note: These steps apply specifically to standard prototypes. Currently, you cannot save a Studio prototype to your iOS device. You can, of course, view a Studio prototype on your phone, as described in the "Mirroring Studio Prototypes" section of this article from our Getting Started Guide: Introduction to the InVision iOS App

Setting the icon

With InVision you can choose what image will appear as the prototype icon. We recommend setting this image first, or it may not appear when you save the prototype to your device's home screen.

To set the icon:

  1. Sign in to and open your prototype.
  2. Hover over the icon next to the prototype name, and click the + button to add an image.
  3. Select any image from your computer that is 120 x 120 pixels.

Your prototype icon should now be set.

Adding a prototype to your iPhone

To add a mobile prototype to your iPhone:

  1. Create a share link for your mobile prototype.
  2. On your iPhone, paste that share link into the Safari web browser.
  3. Tap the Share icon (Share_icon.png) and choose Add to Home Screen.
  4. Enter a name, and click Add.

The prototype share link should now appear as an app icon on your home screen. Click the icon to launch the prototype.


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