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DSM Comparison


Only users with an InVision Enterprise plan have access to purchase DSM Enterprise. However, when you first sign up for DSM, you will have access to a 30-day free trial of DSM Enterprise.



DSM Free

DSM Enterprise 


Unlimited design libraries check.png check.png Create as many design libraries as you need to manage different projects or brands.
Sketch plug-in check.png check.png Create and update your design library directly from Sketch by using the Craft Manager plug-in.
InVision Studio integration (coming soon) check.png check.png Soon you'll be able to integrate your libraries with InVision Studio, our very own screen design platform.
Design documenation check.png check.png Leave notes, descriptions, and even code snippets for others on your team.
Syncing across files check.png check.png Sync changes from your design library straight to your Sketch file.
Sync artboard templates check.png check.png Sync more than just individual layers. Save entire artboards to your library and easily drop them into a project. 
Public design system share link check.png check.png Need to get the word out? Easily share your library with everyone.
Design tokens API check.png check.png Integrate with the DSM API to pull custom images, text, and more into your design file.
Library version control x.png check.png Release new versions to your team, while still being able to work on your next iteration via a shared draft.
Organization-level roles and permissions x.png check.png Restrict or enable access to your DSM organization, based on roles and permissions you set.
Library-level roles and permissions x.png check.png Restrict or enable access to your libraries, based on roles and permissions you set.
Library-specific privacy settings x.png check.png With DSM Enterprise you can set up invite-only privacy settings for individual libraries.


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