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Freehand for Android

Viewing freehands on Android devices is only available for InVision V7 users.

Rapidly capture feedback throughout the product design process in real time with Freehand—it’s flexible, collaborative, and intuitive. With Freehand for Android, you spend less time exporting work into presentable formats and more time creating meaningful experiences for users in collaboration with your team. Freehand allows anyone on your team to join from anywhere, on nearly any device, to weigh in on your concepts and designs.

You can accomplish the following with Freehand on your Android device:

  • Create new freehands.
  • Access all freehands you own or have been invited to join.
  • See when each freehand was last updated.
  • Share freehands via SMS, email, and public link.
  • Draw and write—with hand or stylus.
  • Add images, erase items, change colors, and re-access the Freehand tutorial at any time.

Here are a few other things you’ll need to know when working in Freehand:

  • Navigation: Use two fingers to navigate through your freehand.
  • Shape detection: After drawing a shape, hold your finger down to prompt the app to detect and enhance the shape you’ve drawn.
  • Delete selection: Use the Selector tool (selector_tool.png) described below to select items, and then tap the trash icon that appears below the selection.

Creating a freehand

To create a new freehand in the InVision Android app:

  1. In the top-right corner of the home screen, tap the + icon.
  2. Tap Create new freehand.
  3. Name your freehand, and tap Create.

You can now begin working on your freehand.

Opening an existing freehand

To open an existing freehand in the InVision Android app:

  1. Navigate to the app home screen.
  2. In the top-right corner, tap the magnifying glass icon (Image_2018-08-28_at_10.14.47_AM.png) to search by name, or scroll down to find the freehand you want.
  3. Tap to open the desired freehand.

Using the Freehand tools

To edit a newly created or previously existing freehand in the InVision Android app, get familiar with the tools:

Tool Icon Description
Selector invision-ios-freehand-selection-tool.png Use the selector tool to move, resize, edit, or delete shapes and objects. To select multiple items, tap the screen and drag the bounding box to the appropriate size. Once items are selected, tap and drag from a corner handle to scale the size of any object or group of objects.
Pencil invision-ios-freehand-pencil-tool.png Use the pencil tool to draw on your canvas. After tapping the pencil icon, you can use either your finger or a stylus to draw.
Text Image_2018-08-28_at_12.30.45_PM.png Use the text tool to enter text on your canvas. Once you select the text tool, tap anywhere on your canvas and begin typing. Switch to the selector tool to resize your text or drag it to a different point on the canvas. Use the text tool to leave feedback on individual screens, flows, or specific features.
Image Image_2018-08-28_at_12.29.20_PM.png Tap the image tool to insert an image from your device. Once the image is selected, it can be moved and resized like any other object.
Undo/Redo invision-ios-freehand-undo-redo-buttons.png Use the back arrow to undo the latest edit you’ve made. Use the forward arrow to redo an edit that you just reverted (by tapping the back arrow).
Present invision-ios-freehand-present-button.png Use the present button to present the freehand to all collaborators who currently have the freehand open. To stop presenting, tap the stop icon (Screenshot_20180828-083309.png).

Sharing a freehand

To share a freehand in the InVision Android app:

  1. In the top-right corner, tap the magnifying glass icon (magnifying_glass_icon.png) to search by name, or scroll down to find the freehand you want to share.
  2. To the right of the desired freehand, tap the share icon (share_button.png).
  3. Tap the corresponding option to share your freehand via SMS or Email address, or tap Copy share link to send a public link via your preferred method.