InVision Cloud V7: Introduction

This article provides answers for InVision Cloud V7. If you’re on V6 of InVision, read this article instead. Not sure which version you're using? Find out now.

Welcome to the Early Access program for InVision Cloud V7, the future of InVision's platform.

By joining the InVision Cloud V7 Early Access program, you're the first InVision users to experience Cloud V7. We want to know what works well, what doesn’t work well, and any ideas you may have on how to improve the overall experience. As early testers, your feedback will have a significant impact on the product.

InVision Cloud V7 Early Access Prerequisites

Since Cloud V7 is still under active development, it does come with a few prerequisites:

  • New account: We've created a brand new InVision account for you in Cloud V7. Your existing data hasn't been migrated from any existing InVision accounts. This keeps it simple for now, and in the future we'll provide you with the option to migrate.
  • Inviting team members: Your designated Team Owner will be added to your Cloud V7 team. The team owner can invite other users to your team as needed.
  • Features in development: Some functionality from the existing InVision offering will not be included in Cloud V7 or is not yet available.

Features under construction

The following will soon be features in Cloud V7:

  • Read-only view of Boards
  • Archive, duplicate, favorite: Prototypes, Boards, Freehand
  • Deleting Studio prototypes
  • User Groups (formerly “Teams”)
  • Enterprise settings (SSO, Session Timeouts, IP Whitelisting, Password Policies)
  • Design System Manager

Features not available in InVision Cloud V7

The following features will not be offered in Cloud V7:

  • Workflow view
  • InVision Sync Mac Desktop App
  • Enterprise Dashboard
  • Activity Feed
  • Prototype Assets Tab

What's New in InVision Cloud V7

Here are a few new aspects Cloud V7 offers:

  • Up to 8x faster: Cloud V7’s entirely new architecture ensures lightning-fast responsiveness and reliability at scale.
  • Introducing Spaces: Spaces make it possible to organize all of your project-related documents into one space. This includes Prototypes, Boards, and Freehands, as well as documents from other critical tools your organization relies on. Spaces are public to all Members by default, but can be made Private to only those users invited.
  • Document Permissions: New document permissions allow you to control who can access your documents. Within the share dialogue, you’ll see a settings screen for each document. You can change settings to determine who can open the document and what actions they can take.
  • User Roles: New user roles make it easy to provide the right level of visibility to the right people. In Cloud V7, we’re introducing two new roles: Members and Guests (Note: Enterprise Contributor and Reviewer roles have been retired in Cloud V7).
    • Member: Members are intended for internal users of your organization. Members see all public team spaces and documents as well as any spaces and documents they have been invited to join.
    • Guest: Guest roles are intended for users external to your organization such as clients or contractors. Guests see only the documents and spaces to which they’ve been invited.

Early Access Instructions

To gain early acces to InVision Cloud V7, check out these two sets of instructions:

Reporting bugs & feedback

Please submit any bugs you encounter through our Bug Report Form, or leave general feedback in the Slack Advisory Channel. Thank you for taking InVision Cloud V7 out for a spin.


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InVision Cloud V7: Introduction