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How do I use the Studio keyboard trigger with a remote or game controller?

The keyboard trigger is available for artboard-to-artboard transitions in Studio.

To set a keyboard trigger for use with a remote control or video game controller, do the following:

  1. Connect the remote or controller to your computer (via either blue tooth or a cable).
  2. In your Mac System Preferences or PC Control Panel, map the remote or game controller buttons to the corresponding keyboard keys you want to use as Studio keyboard triggers.
  3. In Studio, select an artboard.
  4. In the inspector panel, click the Interactions or + button.
  5. Click the Navigate To Screen drop-down menu and choose the artboard to which you want to transition.
  6. Click the Trigger drop-down menu, and then click the keyboard icon (studio-inspector-keyboard-trigger.png).
  7. In the Key field, enter the key you want to set as the trigger.

To learn more about Studio trigger types for animated transitions, check out this article in the Studio Getting Started Guide: Managing Interactions