What is the Studio Platform?

Make Studio the most powerful screen design tool for your team by customizing your design experience through the Studio Platform—the open platform that, later this year, will include an app store, an extensive assets library, and a public API (application programming interface).

The app store

Accessed from the icon (studio-app-store-icon.png) in the Studio toolbar, the Studio app store will be the place to grab the latest apps and integrations for Studio, so you can continually, conveniently enhance your digital design workflow. InVision is already working on Studio integrations with a number of staples in the product design industry.

When the app store officially launches, you'll find seamless Studio integrations for Atlassian (Trello, JIRA, and Confluence), Salesforce, Getty Images, UserTesting, Google Material Design, and Dribbble.

The assets library

Use the assets library to browse an expansive catalog of UI kits, components, icons, and typography from across the design community, and quickly insert assets right into your designs—all without leaving Studio.

An open API

The open API for Studio will be available to members of the Maker Program, so you can build any Studio integration you want.

Our engineers have built the Studio API on JavaScript, so if you’re familiar with Javascript, you should feel right at home using our API to build a Studio app. To ensure that every Studio app and integration performs smoothly, all add-ons will run inside Studio (rather than existing elsewhere, like a web-based API would have required). To provide consistent user experiences, all Studio add-ons must meet our stringent UI guidelines, which will be easier to meet with the Studio Guidelines UI kit we’re developing.

The Maker Program

As a member of the Maker Program, you and your industry peers will continually make Studio as powerful as it can possibly be. To support makers in building innovative new Studio add-ons, Maker Program members will get access to our open API, documentation, community events, useful content, and more to come as the Studio Platform evolves.

To request early access to the program, complete this quick form: Studio Maker Program Early Access

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What is the Studio Platform?