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EU data protection - rights management


Know and exercise your rights and Obligations

At InVision we have created this page to help inform EU residents and our customers of their rights and obligations under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how we help you exercise them.

Marketing opt out

This enables users to opt out of receiving additional marketing communications from InVision. To opt out go to

Transparency and accountability

InVision ensures that we are transparent with our customers and data subjects (people whose personal data we have) about how we process their personal information.

At InVision we clearly specify how we process personal data in (i) our privacy policy), (ii) our GDPR support page and (iii) the customer agreement that applies to you (e.g. our Terms or Service, Enterprise Terms of Service or the Master Subscription Agreement (or equivalent agreement) signed with the customer).

Access, rectification, restricting use, data portability

Customer administrators and end-users have access to their profiles to amend inaccuracies within the InVision service, as detailed in How do I update my email address? and How do I change the name on my account?. Users should contact their administrator for assistance in accessing or rectifying their personal data, or to restrict the use of, or to receive a copy of, their personal data.

For additional questions please contact [email protected].

Right to be forgotten and removing personal information

EU data subjects have the right to delete their personal data (provided that the continued processing is not justified). For example, if your employee leaves and no longer has access to our service, you may need to delete their personal data to comply with your GDPR obligations. If you are a user, please contact your administrator for assistance in removing your personal data as appropriate.

InVision provides customer administrators with the ability to delete user information in a wide variety of situations (including for example, removing users, collaborators, and content), as detailed in the list below.

The following articles provide details to help customer administrators and end-users remove personal data:

For additional questions or to delete other types of personal data not detailed above please contact [email protected].

Restriction processing

In certain cases InVision may be required to restrict the processing of certain personal information for a legitimate business interest, and such restriction may necessarily include, without limitation, suspension of the service. For example, in the event of a dispute between a customer and its users or the misuse of customer-owned email addresses.

For additional questions, please contact [email protected].

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