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How do I change Studio prototype format settings in Inspect?

If you’re building a project on a platform other than the web, you'll want to view your Studio prototype properties in the appropriate format.

To change formats when inspecting a Studio prototype, navigate to the top right of the Inspect page and click the settings icon (studio-inspect-settings-icon.png). You'll notice three Format Settings drop-down lists: Units, Code, and Color.


Here is the complete list of property format settings you can choose:

  • Units
    • Pixels (default for web/desktop)
    • Percentage
    • Points (default for iOS)
    • DIP (default for Android)
  • Code
    • CSS (default for web)
    • LESS
    • Sass
    • SCSS
    • Stylus
    • Swift (default for iOS)
    • Objective-C
    • Android (XML) (default for Android)
    • React Native
  • Color
    • Hex (default for web/desktop)
    • RGBA
    • UIColor (default for iOS)
    • ARGB (default for Android)

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