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Add people to a space in InVision V7

This article provides answers for InVision V7. Please note that spaces are not available in InVision V6. Not sure which version you're using? Find out now.

Sharing a space works just like sharing a document—quick and convenient!

To share a space:

  1. Sign in to your InVision Enterprise here:
  2. On the left side below the Spaces heading, click the space you want to share.
  3. Under the name and description of the space, click the Share button.
  4. In the To: field of the share dialog, enter the name or names of teammates you want to add, and then click Invite.

Alternatively, add new teammates by entering their email addresses in the To: field. When adding a new teammate, you can click the drop-down list next to his or her email address (after clicking the Invite button) to define whether the person should be added to the space as a member or a guest.

Learn more about spaces.

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