How do I use code snippets in the Design System Manager (DSM) plugin?

To use code snippets for items in your DSM library:

  1. Copy the snippet to your clipboard (Command-C).
  2. Open the DSM plugin in Sketch, click the item or folder you want to add the snippet to, click the Description field, and paste in the snippet (Command-V).
  3. To apply code syntax highlighting, select the code snippet and click the curly brackets icon (invision-dsm-curly-brackets.png) in the WYSIWYG toolbar.


To add an inline code label to the description of your code snippet:

  1. Exit the code snippet edit mode by pressing Return twice.
  2. Type the label you want to use.
  3. Select any part of the label you want to call attention to, and click the code icon (invision-dsm-code-icon.png).


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