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Release Notes - April 2018


We are improving InVision by squashing bugs and releasing new features every day. Here's an account of what we've accomplished this month.


What's New

  • SAML auto provisioning: You can now disable SAML auto-provisioning for your Enterprise account.
  • New sample prototypes: We released new sample prototypes for Mobile, Desktop, Watch and Tablet prototype types and removed the old ones.
  • New sample board: You can use our new sample board, Now. We also removed the old sample board.

Bug Fixes

  • Projects page performance: Added numerous improvements to the main projects page that will make the page load and return data faster.
  • Company filter selection: When you switch the account filter (the drop-down list just below the main navigation in InVision) from My Projects to your company's projects, the filter selection will be saved after the page refresh.
  • Removing collaborators: Users no longer face "Sorry... for some reason we couldn't update the selected user” error when trying to remove collaborators from the prototype.
  • Company selection page: You will no longer see a Select Company page when signing in to InVision from the Craft Sync URL and will instead be taken directly to the prototype.
  • Share link unfurling: Share links for prototypes, boards, and Freehands are now unfurled correctly in Facebook and Twitter.
  • Fallback for board thumbnails: Added a fallback image that will be used in Facebook and Twitter when a board does not have a thumbnail.
  • Sample board thumbnails: Thumbnails for sample boards are now copied over to your projects page and display correctly.
  • Anchor point scrolling: When creating a hotspot with the Another point on the screen option selected, the anchor position will be set correctly for @2x screens.
  • Studio banner: InVision Studio announcement banner inside the product is now retina-ready.
  • Copy password: You can now copy the password that you have set in the password-protected sharelink settings.
  • “New” label: Removed the “New” label from the Screen as Overlay option in the hotspot creation drop-down menu.
  • Force Add to Home Screen: Removed the Force Add to Home Screen on iOS and Android option from all prototype types.
  • Dragging & dropping new screen: If you drag & drop a new screen into your prototype, the page will work as expected and will no longer slow down.
  • Sketches in prototype and board comments: Sketches made in comments prior to the feature getting sunset are now appearing in the comments correctly.
  • Freehand sign out issue: InVision Private Cloud users are no longer signed out of their accounts when they click InVision icon in Freehand.
  • Freehand save location: InVision Private Cloud users are now automatically prompted to save freehands inside their respective Private Cloud accounts instead of their personal accounts.
  • Inspect spacing values: You can now see the correct character spacing values inside Inspect for prototypes that were imported via Craft Sync.
  • Old code: Removed a lot of old code from InVision that had become obsolete but was still getting loaded, which had been slowing performance.
  • Monitoring and alerting: Added additional monitoring and alerting to more quickly determine if InVision is experiencing difficulties.
  • Stability improvements: Added numerous stability improvements on our back end to make InVision more reliable.

Craft + Sync

What's New

  • Automatically rename duplicate artboards: Currently, Craft relies on the names of artboards to uniquely identify them within InVision. Therefore, if multiple artboards have the same name, only one of the duplicate artboards will be synced. This has resulted in what appears to be sync failures or hotspots going missing. To prevent confusion, Craft will now detect when artboards with duplicate names are being synced, and it will offer to rename them for you by adding incrementing numerals to the end of the duplicate artboard names.
  • Freehand sign in through Craft Manager: The sign-in flow for the Craft Freehand plugin with Sketch is now part of Craft Manager. This should streamline authentication and make it more intuitive.
  • Improved resizing for straight lines in Freehand: The behavior of the resizing handles used to resize relatively straight lines you've drawn has improved, making it easier to change the length of your line (or a thin shape) without changing the proportions of the line.
    Pro tip: Hold Shift while drawing a new line for a perfect straight angle!

Bug Fixes

  • Sketch crashing when using Craft Prototype: Pressing the C key to create hotspots was crashing Sketch in some instances.
  • Large Sketch files failing to sync: Sketch files with numerous complex pages and symbols could get stuck when detaching symbols, causing the sync process to fail.
  • Craft crashing when accessing preferences on OS X El Capitan: Accessing the preferences for Craft in the menu bar on OS X El Capitan caused Craft to crash.
  • Text character spacing values ignoring decimal values in Inspect: Character spacing values for text fields synced to InVision, using Craft Sync, were ignoring decimal values in Inspect.
  • Wrong thumbnail displayed when initially syncing a new prototype: When syncing a new prototype, Craft was displaying a thumbnail from a previously synced prototype.
  • Artboards prefixed with a hyphen/minus symbol (-) are no longer excluded from sync: The ability to exclude artboards prefixed with (-) from syncing with Craft is now supported by the new Craft Manager publishing flow.
  • Craft Manager window displayed in incorrect location for vertically stacked monitors: The Craft Manager window no longer opens at the bottom of the screen if multi-screen setup is vertically stacked.

Design System Manager (DSM)

What's New

  • Full-Page component details view: This new view provides more room for documentation.
  • Rich text editor: Available in both the Sketch plugin and DSM web, the new editor also includes support for code blocks.
  • Deep links: You can now share any item in your library system by copying and pasting its URL from the web view.

Mobile: iOS

Bug Fixes

  • Version 2.5.1: Includes bug fixes and UX improvements for InVision Studio projects.
  • All Screens view: We improved the UI and UX.

See all our iOS app release notes.


Bug Fixes

  • Platform stability and security improvements: We made a number of general security fixes.

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