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InVision Cloud V7: How do I get started?


This article provides answers for InVision Cloud V7. If you're on V6 of InVision, read this article instead. Not sure which version you're using? Find out now.

InVision lets you quickly create interactive prototypes and gather instant feedback from your users/stakeholders.

To get started, you must create your mockups/wireframes in another design tool, like InVision Studio (available with numerous plans, including our Free plan), Sketch, or Photoshop. If you need a free online tool, consider InVision FreehandPencil or

You can also check out this site for popular device image sizing (including desktop/laptop monitors, click the upper right icon for monitors). If uploading screen images directly to InVision rather than syncing design files with Craft Sync, you will need to edit your images using an external image editor (e.g., Omnigraffle, Adobe Photoshop, Pencil Project, or Microsoft Paint) prior to uploading your image files in InVision.

Once you’re ready to get started, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your account and click the pink + button on the right. Choose your project type (PrototypeBoard, or Freehand), select the device type, and name the project.
  2. Click the Create button or press Enter.
  3. Upload your pre-created screens designs as images by dragging them to the Drag your screens here area or by clicking Browse. Alternatively, you can publish files directly from Studio, or use Craft Sync to upload your design files directly from Sketch or Photoshop.
  4. Add hotspots to create the user flow of your prototype.

After completing the steps above, you're ready to share your document with your clients or stakeholders to view and/or comment.

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