Studio GSG: Publishing and Sharing

Once you create your prototype in Studio, it’s time to publish it for sharing, viewing, inspecting, and commenting with your collaborators in InVision.

Important: It is not possible to publish or preview a Studio document that does not include artboards.

Publishing a Studio prototype to InVision

To publish a Studio prototype to InVision:

  1. At the right end of the Studio toolbar, click the InVision publishing icon (studio-publish-icon.png).
    Note: The publishing dialog will open on the Publish Prototype tab by default.
  2. In the Name field, enter the prototype name. Or click the Select Existing button, click the Prototype drop-down arrow, and enter a prototype name in the Search field.
  3. In the lower left corner, click the account drop-down arrow and choose either your personal account or a team account.
  4. Click the Publish button (or the Update button if working with an existing prototype).


Mirroring Studio Prototypes

Use the device mirroring feature in Studio to preview prototypes in action on the InVision iOS app.

To mirror a Studio prototype on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Ensure that your computer and iOS device are connected to the same WiFi network.
  2. In the Studio toolbar, click the sync icon (studio-publish-icon.png) and click the Mirror tab. This will generate a unique QR code.
  3. In the footer of the InVision iOS app, tap the QR scanner icon (invision-ios-app-qr-scan-button.png).
  4. Scan the QR code displayed in Studio. This will automatically mirror the prototype to your device.

To stop mirroring the Studio prototype to your iOS device, at the bottom of the Studio sync dialog, hover over the green dot next to your device name and click the X that’s revealed.

Viewing and sharing a Studio prototype

To open a prototype from Studio after publishing or updating it:

  1. At the right end of the Studio toolbar, click the InVision publishing icon (in).
  2. Under the prototype name, click Copy Link or the URL itself to open the prototype in InVision.

To share a Studio prototype:

  1. Open it in InVision.
  2. In the bottom right corner of the prototype, click the green Share button.
  3. In the Share this prototype dialog, click Copy Link.
  4. Send the link to the people you want to view the prototype.

Commenting on a Studio prototype

Along with the prototype owner, any collaborator with a share link to access a Studio prototype in InVision can comment on that prototype. To leave comments on a Studio prototype you’re viewing, in the console toolbar, click the comment icon (invision-console-comment-icon.png) or use the keyboard shortcut—C. To notify specific people about a comment, @mention them in the comment.

Inspecting a Studio prototype

InVision Inspect makes it convenient for developers and project managers to grab everything they need from a Studio prototype to start building the project. To inspect a Studio prototype you have open in InVision, in the console toolbar, click the Inspect icon (invision-console-inspect-icon.png) or use the keyboard shortcut—I.