Subprocessors and Subcontractors

List Last Updated: April 11, 2018

As part of the delivery of our Services to our Customers, InVisionApp, Inc. may use data processors with access to certain Customer Data that includes personal data (each, a "Subprocessor"). Below is important information about the identity and role of each Subprocessor (including our listed affiliates as applicable). Terms used on this page have the meaning set forth in the InVision Terms of Service or superseding written agreement between Customer and InVision (the "Agreement").

Third Party Subprocessors

Hosting, Network, and Data Services

Subprocessor Purpose Entity Country
Akamai Web application firewall and DDoS protection United States
Amazon Web Services Platform hosting & Infrastructure United States
CloudFlare Content Delivery Network (“CDN”) and DDoS protection United States
DataDog Platform monitoring United States
Dropbox Storage and file sharing United States
Fastly CDN United States
Google Storage and general business services United States
Janrain Application authentication services United States
Loggly Event correlation and incident support United States
MongoDB Data and server management United States
Segment Data integration and management United States
Twilio Customer communications United States
Verizon Edgecast CDN United States


Subprocessor Purpose Entity Country
Hubspot CRM (customer communications) United States
Salesforce Sales system management United States


Subprocessor Purpose Entity Country
Intercom User messaging United States
Postmark Transactional emails United States
Zendesk Support management and communication United States

Business Administration (e.g. contracting, billing & payment services)

Subprocessor Purpose Entity Country
DocuSign Contract execution United States
NetSuite Billing & subscription management United States
Recurly Payment processing United States
Zuora Quoting and payment processing United States


Depending on the geographic location of a Customer or their Users, and the Services provided, InVision may also engage one or more of the following Affiliates as Subprocessors to deliver some or all of the Services to a Customer:

Name Country
InVisionAppUK LTD United Kingdom, Netherlands
InVisionApp Canada Canada
InVisionApp Israel LTD Israel

Getting notified of new third-party processors

As our business evolves, the Subprocessors that we use will also change. If you are an existing InVision user and need to be notified when additional Subprocessors are used to provide the InVision Service, you can subscribe to updates by submitting the following form:

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Subprocessors and Subcontractors