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Why am I seeing a 'Your hardware is not fully supported […]' message in Studio?

If your Mac is a 2011 model or older, or if your Windows device has less than 4 GB of RAM, it likely uses a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) that we've identified is likely to run into compatibility trouble in Studio. In such cases, Studio will display the following error message: Your hardware is not fully supported. To use Studio, click Restart. We’ll update our settings and restart the app.

If you click Restart after receiving that message, Studio will restart and you should be able to use it as expected, generally speaking. Please understand that you may still encounter side effects that would not occur on newer computers with more modern GPUs.

If you choose to click Quit Studio instead, you can re-trigger the message later by restarting Studio.

In the rare case that updating our settings (by clicking Restart, as described above) does not resolve the issue, Studio will display additional troubleshooting messages.