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Wake joins the InVision family


We’re excited to welcome Wake to the InVision family and introduce Wake Free, a new version coming soon that will bring design visibility to more product teams.

Using Wake, select product team members can follow along as designs evolve and experiences take shape. This way, key members of your team can contribute ideas to improve the final outcome. If teamwork makes the dream work, collaboration is the thread that holds it all together, especially when it comes to staying aligned as things scale.

The Wake team has joined InVision to build out the product, but they’ll continue operating as a separate brand to support existing customers.

See more on the Wake acquisition here: Wake Joins InVision + Announcing Free Wake.

What does this mean for my current Wake plan?

For current Wake customers, nothing will change. You can continue to use your existing plan as Wake will operate separate from InVision. Support will continue to be provided directly by Wake.

Once Wake Free becomes available, it will replace the Wake Starter plan. New customers will have the option of using Wake Free or accessing premium features via a paid Pro plan. All customers on Wake Starter plans will convert to Wake Free when their current contracts are complete.

How do I use Wake and InVision together?

Although Wake will be part of the InVision team, plans for Wake and InVision will operate independent of each other so you will need a separate plan for each. Our teams will be joining forces to determine the most impactful way to increase design visibility within organizations and what that means for the future of Wake + InVision together.

Do I need to use Wake with InVision?

No. Although part of the InVision family, Wake will operate as a subsidiary with its own free and paid plans separate from InVision’s free and paid plans. InVision is committed to determining the most impactful way to increase design visibility within organizations, and we are excited to work with the Wake team to build the next wave of this for the future.

Will Wake work directly with Studio?

Although Wake will be part of the InVision team, they’ll be operating independently of our platform initially. We’re excited to join forces with their team to evaluate the best way to bring their functionality to the entire InVision platform in the near future.

When should I use Wake vs. other collaboration tools in InVision?

Wake is a great complement to the collaboration tools within InVision. Using both together allow you to have a seamless workflow by natural collaborating at the right points in your process. InVision is great for collaborating on more complex flows, whereas Wake is great for for creating visibility and discussions around incremental progress.

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