How do I disable auto-update on Craft Manager?

Administrators of organizations can restrict their users’ ability to update the Craft Manager application and plugins. This feature is designed to allow organizations that require manual review of software updates to have the time to review updates rather than applying them automatically.
Though it’s possible to disable auto-updates, please note that only the last two versions of Craft are supported and InVision deploys updates often. If an organization disables auto updates and encounters a serious bug, they will be required to update to the latest version to resolve that bug.

Disabling auto updates

The method for disabling auto-updates involves modifying the .plist files associated with Craft Manager. For this reason, this step should only be taken by an experienced administrator.

There are two files that need to be modified (com.invisionlabs.CraftManager.plist and com.bohemiancoding.sketch3.plist) and these files can be found in ~/Library/Preferences/ on a typical macOS installation.

The com.invisionlabs.CraftManager.plist file can be configured with the key CraftIgnoreUpdates.

When that key is set to Yes:

  • The Opt-in to Early builds preference option is hidden.
  • The Automatically update plugins preference option is hidden.
  • The Check for updates preferences link is hidden.
  • User prompts to check for updates in dialogs are hidden.
  • Timed update checks are disabled.
  • Autoupdate and autodownloads are disabled.
  • The option for users to manually uninstall plugins is disabled.

The com.bohemiancoding.sketch3.plist file can be configured with the key CraftIgnoreUpdates.

When that key is set to Yes:

  • Blue dots which normally would display on individual plugins to indicate a new update is available are not displayed.