Reordering items in your DSM Library

By default, DSM will sort your library alphanumerically, but you’re free to reorder items manually.

Selecting sort order

  1. Click the DSM icon in Craft Manager to open DSM.
  2. Select the category on the left that you’d like to reorder.
  3. Click the ••• menu at the top right.
  4. Click to toggle Sort Alphanumerically on or off.


Alternatively, if you drag and drop an item to re-order, DSM will automatically switch to manual sorting. You’ll be prompted to confirm the switch by clicking Switch to Manual on a pop up modal.


When manual sorting is enabled, new items added to a folder will be added to the end of the list.


Reverting back to alphanumeric sorting

You can revert back to alphanumeric sorting by following the instructions above and clicking Sort Alphanumerically then clicking Confirm in the pop up modal. Doing this will set the order back to alphanumeric sorting and the change will apply for everyone viewing the library.

Moving items into an empty section

Moving an item into an empty section will place the item in the empty section regardless of sort order. 

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