What are sample boards?

So you can get familiar with all the features and functionality available with InVision Boards, we provide fully loaded, fully functioning sample boards. Each sample board serves as a risk-free playground that will let you use realistic, polished content to get the feel for Boards—editing, moving, replacing, adding, organizing, resizing, sharing, and discussing our sample content with your team in real time. Learn more on Introduction to Boards.


Accessing sample boards

You can access your sample boards via Projects in the main menu, and—once added to your projects—you will see the available samples included under both the All and Boards tabs.
We have created four unique sample boards for you: 
  • SimplySocial: a design presentation for a social app
  • To-Do App Moodboard: an inspirational moodboard for a to-do app
  • Findli Brand Board: a brand assets & style guide for an urban travel app
  • Inside Design: an interactive look at a few amazing companies that count on InVisio


Board limitations

  • Sample boards do not count against your project limits, unless duplicated; however, they are intended as demos only.
  • Renaming sample boards is not an option. While it is possible to momentarily edit or replace the title of a sample board, the title will revert to its original version when you leave the board. You can, however, rename a custom board that you created at any time by opening the board, clicking the title, and entering the new name.
  • It is not possible to retrieve changes you had made to a sample board once you delete it, because deleting any board completely removes the content from the database. 

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