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Release Notes - February 2018

We are improving InVision by squashing bugs and releasing new features every day. Here's an account of what we've accomplished this month. 


What's new

  • Create only one document at a time in Freehand: If you accidentally click “Create” several times when starting a new Freehand, you can now be sure that only one document will be created.
  • Type something” faster with text in Freehand: When you create a new text layer, the default “type something” text will now be selected. Just start typing to overwrite it.
  • Direct UserTesting integration with InVision was removed on February 26, 2018. InVision partnership with UserTesting continues and InVision prototype share links will work in as always. Together with UserTesting we are also actively looking into new ways to better support user research. To learn more how to use InVision prototypes share links for user research, please visit InVision Knowledge Base.
  • InVision for Jira Server add-on security update was released. We are constantly working to improve the performance of the InVision for Jira Server add-on. This is a standard security update, please always install the latest version of the add-on to keep your data secure.
  • InVision for Confluence Server add-on security update was released. We are constantly working to improve the performance of the InVision for Confluence Server add-on. This is a standard security update, please always install the latest version of the add-on to keep your data secure.
  • Additional sign-up step: We are now asking new users to let us know what goals they are trying to achieve with InVision so we could onboard them better.
  • Forgot Password form: After entering their email address in Forgot Password form, a user will get “If there's an InVision account linked to this email address, we'll send over instructions to reset your password” message regardless if the entered email is correct or not. If the email is correct, we’ll send over password instructions to that user.
  • “Plus applicable taxes” message:  Added “*Plus applicable taxes” message in our billing pages for self-serve users.
  • Country and ZIP code: Added Country and ZIP code fields in the billing details page.
  • Sunset of the drawing tool in comments: You can no longer access the drawing tool inside of InVision comments on either boards or prototypes.
  • Sunset of the mention alias @conversation: You can no longer mention everyone on the conversation thread on either boards or prototypes.

Bug fixes

  • Thumbnail stability: Added number of fixes that will ensure that thumbnails for various images are updated correctly.
  • PDF import: Added a fix for our PDF import process to make it more stable.
  • Notifications for new users: Notifications now default to Instant for all new InVision users.
  • iOS notifications: Fixed a bug where turning on push notifications in iOS app automatically turned off all email notifications. These two settings are now separate and don’t affect each other.
  • Scrolling positions in Console and share links: Anchor points now direct users to a correct position in both Console Preview mode and share links.
  • Background color in share links: The correct background color is now displayed in share links.
  • Reduction in error messages: Reduced number of times users get Sorry… For some reason we couldn't load your projects" error for no reason.
  • Performance improvements: Introduced number of performance improvements to our product that will make it more reliable and faster.
  • Logging improvements: Added number of logging improvements to the product.
  • Commenting notifications default to Instant for new accounts: New accounts will now default to the Instant setting when created.
  • Receive both email and mobile notifications: You can now receive both email and mobile notifications when connecting our mobile app to your account.


Craft + Sync

What's new

  • Craft Manager publishing: We released a new version of Craft Manager, moving the sync experience out of Sketch and into Craft Manager. This reduced complexity, improved performance, and generally made the syncing experience more stable. You can now also continue working in Sketch while we sync in the background.
  • Auto save: You can now elect to automatically save a file before syncing which will prevent you always from being prompted to save if there are unsaved changes.
  • Prototype list: The new Prototype tab in Craft Manager gives you quick access to your team’s prototypes, allowing you to stay in touch without leaving your desktop.

Bug fixes

  • Sketch 49 compatibility: Craft Prototyping was not immediately compatible with the new.
  • Sketch 49 release: Excessive memory/CPU usage - complex Sketch files were using excessive resources when syncing with Craft Manager.
  • Updated publishing fixes: A number of issues were fixed thanks to the new publishing workflow.
    • Craft Sync detaching/deleting symbols: Fixed a rare but nasty bug that resulted in symbols being removed or left in a detached state after syncing.
    • Sketch crashing: There were a few edge cases that were causing Sketch to crash during the sync process. Syncing no longer happens in Sketch which prevents Sketch itself from crashing during that process.
    • Nested grouped symbols: We now support symbols that are self-referencing within a group.
    • Sketch freezing: Syncing complex Sketch files may result in slowdown in performance or indefinite hanging. This is no longer the case.
    • Hidden layer: We no longer send up broken assets of hidden layers.
    • Grouped symbol assets: If symbol layers are grouped, in Inspect the symbol layer name will show as the group layer name instead and if marked for export, that asset will also not appear under Inspect assets
    • Assets with forward slashes: We now support Inspect assets with a “xx/xx” naming convention.
    • Increase supported screen size: We now supporting syncing screen sizes over 16000px in height.

Mobile: iOS

  • Version 2.4.19
    • Included a fix that caused push notification to not fire correctly
    • Included a fix that caused prototypes to not be sorted by recent activity.
    • Removed Prototype Options button when viewing a prototype, leading to a more seamless demo and user testing experience.

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Mobile: Android

  • Version 0.104: Public Beta
  • Version 0.10: Public Beta
  • Version 0.102: Public Beta
  • Version 0.101: Public Beta
  • Version 0.100: Public Beta
    • All versions above included stability improvements and bug fixes

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Bug fixes

  • Platform stability & security improvements: A number of general security fixes.