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Release Notes - January 2018

We are improving InVision by squashing bugs and releasing new features every day. Here's an account of what we've accomplished this month.


What's new

  • LiveShare feature sunset: LiveShare feature was removed on January 15, 2018 and is no longer accessible. We recommend to use Open Prototype in Freehand feature as it replaces most of the LiveShare use cases.
  • DSM permissions: Admins can now set permission at invite time. Admins can now also grant DSM access to anyone at their InVision enterprise account, instead of having to send individual invites. 
  • Sketching within prototype and board comments: This feature is scheduled to be removed on March 1, 2018. Currently it can’t be accessed by new InVision users. We recommend using Freehand to support these use cases.
  • @conversation mention feature for comments: This feature is scheduled to be removed on March 1, 2018. Currently it can’t be accessed by new InVision users. 
  • Freehand integration for Microsoft Teams: This integration was officially launched on January 29, 2018. This integration allows for embedding any existing or new Freehand documents into a conversation in your Teams channel, and notify the team. Allowing any stakeholder from the channel to join the Freehand to catch up or collaborate in real-time.
  • New InVision integration for Confluence Server: This is now available in Atlassian Marketplace. Bring your InVision projects into Confluence, view what you’re building and enhance collaboration team-wide. Embed InVision prototypes in documentation in Confluence pages – preview screens and comment in just a click. Learn how to enabled and user InVision for Confluence Server.
  • InVision integration with UserTesting sunset: This was announced on Jan 24th, 2018. UserTesting integration will be fully removed from InVision web app in 30 days, on Feb 26th, 2018. We will continue our partnership with UserTesting and InVision prototype share links will work directly in as always. We are also actively looking into new ways to better support your user research needs with UserTesting. 
  • New InVision for Jira Server add-on: A new version was released:
    • UPDATE NEEDED IN PLUGIN SETUP - A major release for InVision for Jira Server add-on from version 2.0 which includes a new Server URL scheme. This requires an adjustment to the Server URL that you’ve configured in the plugin previously. In the plugin configuration page please update Server URL to Read more in InVision support portal.
    • From now on InVision for Jira Server integration only supports HTTPS protocol for security reasons (does not allow HTTP).
    • InVision for Jira Server add-on load performance was improved.
    • Resolved InVision for Jira Server add-on installation issues that were occurring for some Server environments.
  • InVision for Trello Power-Up: This has been updated including significant improvements in performance through improved use of cacheing. InVision prototypes attach, load and render faster than ever in Trello cards.

Bug fixes

  • Two Factor authentication for Android and iOS apps: Fixed Two Factor Authentication feature for iOS and Android apps. You should be able to use this feature without any problems.
  • Create new account in InVision for Android: Users are now able to create new accounts in InVision for Android app.
  • Hotspot template scaling: When you change your screens from @1x to @2x and back the hotspot templates should scale together with the changing screen size.
  • Screens of large dimensions in console: Increased the performance for screens that have really large dimensions. You can now navigate between large screens faster.
  • Logging: Improved logging was added for our products. This will provide us a better and faster way to troubleshoot your issues and monitor the overall health of the product.
  • Faster performance: Added number of backend performance improvements that made InVision experience faster.
  • Copy to prototype feature dropdown: Copy to prototype dropdown now lists all the recent projects that your account has.
  • UserTesting feature: User Test button has been moved to overflow menu (•••) in the screens page.
  • InVision for Jira add-on: Fixed an issue when disconnecting a prototype which previously caused Jira tickets to fail when attempting to disconnect. Updated Jira Cloud add-on to prevent a rare bug which would cause, thumbnails to sometimes direct to InVision console instead of the prototype.
  • InVision for Confluence add-on: Fixed issue with expanding share links in Confluence documents (only showed partial image instead of full screen. Resolved an issue which caused Confluence Cloud add-on to occasionally fail to unfurl specific InVision share links.
  • InVision for Trello Power-Up: Resolved a rare problem which caused a different preview link and prototype thumbnail to display than was intended to be attached in Trello cards.


Bug fixes

  • Duo Security SSO - SSO authentication across our plugins now supports Duo security.
  • Google Authentication High Sierra - Fixed an issue that would prevent people from signing in using Google on High Sierra.
  • Craft Manager Preferenes Crash - Craft Manager was crashing for users on macOS 10.11 when accessing preferences.

Mobile - iOS

  • Version 2.4.18
    • Included stability improvements.
    • Included fix that was causing PC users to not be able to sign in successfully.
  • Version 2.4.17
    • Included stability improvements.
    • Included stability improvements.
    • Included a fix that improved the updating speed when viewing larger prototypes.
    • Included a fix that caused users to not see any comments if they did not have a Board.
  • Version 2.4.16
    • Included stability improvements.

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Mobile - Android

  • Version 0.0.99 - Public Beta
    • Included stability improvements.

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Bug fixes

  • Platform stability & security improvements: A number of general security fixes including vulnerabilities related to Meltdown and Spectre.