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Are all of the Craft plugin tools and functionality available in Studio?

Craft is a free plugin built specifically for Sketch and Photoshop. While the Craft plugin itself cannot be used with Studio, much of Craft’s functionality is—or will soon be—available in Studio.

With Studio you can:

  1. Preview and sync prototypes to InVision, similar to Craft Sync + Prototype.
  2. Create new freehands from prototypes, similar to Craft Freehand.
  3. Using Shared Design Libraries, sync components across Studio files, similar to Design System Manager (DSM).
    While shared libraries allow you to update and sync components, this is just one aspect of what’s capable in DSM. A full integration between Studio and DSM is planned and will hopefully be available in the near future.

Feature equivalents for Craft Data, Craft Duplicate, and Craft Stock are planned, but they are not yet available. With the release of our Studio Apps ecosystem, there will be more to come soon!