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Which of my Sketch plugins will work with Studio?

Studio is an entirely separate product from Sketch, and as such does not support Sketch plugins. That said, an extensive app ecosystem is in the works for Studio. We believe in empowering our customers and developer communities with the ability to augment your workflows in powerful ways with the tools available in the Studio App Store Beta.

In our first wave of apps and assets (now available as part of the Studio App Store Beta), we’re making it easier for designers to spend time doing what they do best: creating exceptional customer experiences. Within minutes, your designers will be able to create higher-quality screens, elevate their craft, and save time sharing their work-in-progress with the rest of your team.

Later in 2019, you’ll have the opportunity to help build the thriving, vibrant third-party ecosystem we envision for Studio by submitting your own Studio Apps to the App Store.