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Is Studio available for Windows?

Studio for Windows is now available.

To ensure the optimal Studio experience, please review our minimum system requirements, and then download and install Studio on your device:

  1. Download Studio and double click the .exe file.
  2. Follow the prompts to install Studio on your Windows device.
  3. After the installation is complete, if Studio doesn't automatically open, double click the Studio icon on your desktop.
  4. Sign in to your InVision account, or create an account. To sign in to your team or an Enterprise account, click Team or Enterprise sign-in below the big Sign In button.

Note: If you have trouble downloading Studio, there's a good chance your organization has set up restricted device permissions, so we'll have to point you to your IT department for help. If you run into other issues downloading the app, our Support team is always here for you: [email protected]

Once you’re signed in to Studio, you’ll see the Studio Launcher, which shows your most recent files and gives you the option to create a new project. You’ll also see a Support link in the Studio Launcher that opens the Studio Getting Started Guide—a great resource for quick answers about using Studio.

Important: If you or your organization needs to enable Studio to deliver encryption at rest, read this article.