Introduction to InVision Studio

Studio combines design, prototyping, and collaboration into one harmonious workflow. It starts with a live design environment, which gives you the power to create intelligent layouts and interactions as part of your normal workflow.

Because a design artifact is only part of the overall design process, Studio also acts as the source of truth for design teams to ensure that every artifact, every conversation, and every person on the project is always up to speed.

For more great resources on Studio, including video tutorials, be sure to visit the Learn Studio website.

Downloading and installing Studio

To ensure the optimal Studio experience, review our minimum system requirements, and then get started by downloading and installing Studio on your machine:

  1. Download Studio and double click the .dmg file.
  2. Move InVision Studio to your Applications folder.
  3. Go to your Applications folder and double click Studio to open.
  4. Sign in to your InVision account, or create an account. To sign in to an Enterprise account, click Team or Enterprise sign-in below the large Sign In button.

Once you’re signed in to Studio, you’ll see the Studio Launcher, which shows your most recent files and gives you the option to create a new project.

Important: If you or your organization needs to enable Studio to deliver encryption at rest, read this article

Getting Started: Studio (

Introduction to InVision Studio