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Requesting access to a prototype

This article is specific to Enterprise in InVision Cloud V6. If you're using Enterprise in Cloud V7, read this article instead. Not sure which version you're using? Find out now.

Members on an Enterprise account can request access to prototypes they are not collaborators on. Once access is requested, the prototype creator will receive a notification to approve a request from a user to be added as a collaborator.

The ability to request access is currently only available to Enterprise organizations.

Who is able to request access?

Enterprise members that are trying to access a link to a prototype they are not collaborating on will be able to request access to that prototype.

If the Can preview and join all company projects setting is toggled off within the Enterprise settings, Enterprise Contributors and Reviewers will also be able to request access.

If the settings above are toggled on, Reviewers or Contributors will not need to request access to prototypes. Company admins, company managers, and collaborators also won’t need to request access to prototypes. 

How to request access

When an Enterprise member tries to access a link to a prototype they are not collaborating on, they’ll see a message along with a link to request access to that prototype:

Once the green Request Access button is selected, a confirmation message will appear:

An email with the access request will be sent to the prototype creator. If the prototype creator is no longer a part of the Enterprise, the access request will be sent to the most recently active collaborator on the prototype. In the rare case that a project has no collaborators, the email is sent to the Enterprise owner.

If approved, the requester will receive an email notification.

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