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Why am I unable to install or connect with Craft and InVision Sync?

If you’re having persistent troubles with Craft failing to install or with the InVision Sync app not connecting or syncing properly, it could be related to use of a proxy. A proxy server acts as an intermediary between your computer and another server from which you are requesting a service (eg. accessing a website). Currently, InVision Sync and Craft Sync for Photoshop do not formally support proxies. Craft Manager does natively support proxies. However, it is still necessary to allowlist domains for Craft Manager if a network blocks domains by default.

This document provides an overview of possible issues with Craft or InVision Sync that could occur when using a proxy and walks you through how to troubleshoot and fix them. Please note that the symptoms described below aren’t only caused by proxies. At the same time using a proxy doesn’t automatically mean that you will experience these issues. There are many different types of proxies out there and not all of them will interfere with Craft and/or InVision Sync functionality similarly.

Affected Product Areas

  • Craft Manager
  • Craft tools (especially Craft Sync)
  • InVision Sync

Possible Symptoms

  • Sketch crashing whenever using Craft Sync
  • Looking for Craft tools or Manager Updates results in error:
  • Installation fails completely (there are other reasons this may occur if not caused by a proxy)
  • Craft Manager window completely blank:

How do I know if I am using a Proxy?

A potential way to check if your connection is going through a proxy is to visit

If you see a result similar to the screenshot below, it is unlikely a proxy is in use:


If you're using a Mac, open your System Preferences and select Network and go to Advanced in your wifi or ethernet settings (depending on which connection you are using) and select Proxies.


If any of the proxy options (eg Auto Proxy Discovery) has a checkmark next to it, it means that you are most likely using a proxy. 

We also recommend asking your IT department if they are also making use of a network proxy to confirm.

What do I do if I'm using a proxy and can't use Craft Sync?

If you're using a proxy or have a firewall or other network security that's interfering with Craft Sync, you'll need to work with your IT team to allowlist Craft.

For more information, click here.