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LiveShare PS plugin support ending on December 1, 2016

We are disabling LiveShare as a whole in mid-January 2018. Please see our new announcement for the full details.

Since releasing our LiveShare PS plugin for Photoshop we’ve seen many additions to our product suite including Craft, which extends Photoshop and Sketch in many different ways. We’re committed to making Craft a tool that can help optimize designers’ workflows in Sketch, Photoshop, and InVision. To that end, we have decided that it is in our customers’ best interests to cease development of the LiveShare PS plugin so that we can focus on development of Craft and other features coming in the future.

Effective immediately, we have stopped making the LiveShare PS plugin available for new downloads.

Effective December 1, 2016 we will cease support for the LiveShare PS plugin. After that time, we will not be able to assist users who are still using the LiveShare PS plugin nor will we release updates to that plugin. The services that power it will cease to be maintained and will be shut down soon after December 1, 2016.

Can I still use the LiveShare PS plugin after December 1, 2016?

Though the LiveShare PS plugin may continue to function temporarily after December 1, 2016, it will eventually stop working as we finish shutting down the services that power it. For that reason, you should not expect to be able to use the plugin after December 1, 2016 and should find alternatives.

Does this mean LiveShare is also being discontinued?

LiveShare itself is not being discontinued at this time. LiveShare will remain available for use directly from InVision. This simply affects the Photoshop plugin for starting a LiveShare session right from Photoshop.

What alternatives are available for LiveShare PS?

LiveShare PS included two main features:

  • The ability to present your PSD directly to users via our LiveShare service
  • The ability to mirror a PSD to a mobile device

For presenting to users, we would encourage you to continue using LiveShare directly from the InVision service. To get content into InVision, use our Craft Sync plugin to push content from Photoshop to your prototype. After that, you can use LiveShare via InVision to share your prototype.

For mirroring to a mobile device, Photoshop itself offers functionality that was introduced after LiveShare PS was initially developed. Check out the Device Preview feature in Adobe’s help documentation for more on how to use their feature.