Integrating InVision and JIRA

By connecting InVision with JIRA, we’re closing the gap between design and engineering, making it easier to work together. With this integration, designers save time by keeping just the prototype up to dateinstead of the prototype, JIRA issue, and screens. Engineers stay current with the latest designs, leaving more time to iterate on the important things that make your product successful.

Integrate InVision and JIRA by pairing an InVision prototype with a JIRA issue. Once a prototype is attached, a JIRA issue will display a visual preview of the prototype. From here, you’ll be able to view, comment, and access Inspect for your prototype.

Installing the integration

You must have JIRA admin privileges to install the add-on.

To install the integration in your instance of JIRA:

  1. From your JIRA dashboard, click the cogwheel at the top right.
  2. Click Add-ons to visit the Atlassian plugin marketplace.
  3. Search “InVision” from the search bar. (Alternatively, you can just view and install the InVision app in the Atlassian Marketplace here.)
  4. Click the green Try it free button to install the add-on.


Choosing projects the integration appears in

You can now choose which projects the InVision JIRA plugin gets added into.

Within the ‘Administration’ page, select ‘Add-Ons’ then ‘Manage Add-ons.’ Select the InVision for JIRA add-on and Configure the add-on to only be available with selected projects.

Note: You cannot yet filter based on issue type or other conditions.


JIRA for Enterprise Private Cloud and Private Network

InVision for JIRA Version 1.2 and later supports Enterprise for Private Cloud and Private Network. A JIRA Admin will need to switch the standard URL https://integration.invisionapp.com with their private cloud URL. For example, https://integrations.companyname.invisionapp.com. Click Configure under InVision for JIRA and enter your company's URL in the Server URL field, then click Save configuration.


Attaching your prototype

To attach your prototype with your JIRA issue:

  1. Go to your InVision prototype and create a share URL.
  2. Go to your JIRA issue and enter the URL in the integration section under the Description section.
  3. Click Attach prototype. The error message "Dang it! There was a problem with that URL. Please input a prototype's share URL" indicates a permissions issue. Here's how to fix it.
  4. A preview of your prototype will appear.


Prototype information

Once your prototype is paired, you’ll be able to see a prototype preview, as well as some additional information about your prototype, as seen in the example below. The share link is dynamic, so anytime you make changes to the prototype in InVision, they’ll be reflected in the JIRA issue.

Clicking the Preview button (or the thumbnail) will open your prototype in InVision. If you click the Comment button, your prototype will open in a new tab or window in Comment Mode. Click the Inspect button to open your prototype in Inspect Mode in InVision.