InVision Release Notes



Contributors on Enterprise teams can now request access to a prototype they’re not collaborating on. This triggers an email and approval workflow to the prototype creator, making it easier for your Enterprise team to get access to the information they need, sooner.


You can now grab a share link and invite collaborators to your project from the same screen. This makes it easier and faster to do all of your sharing in one fell swoop. Share links can also be quick-copied to your clipboard!



Signing up for, and signing in to, InVision has a new look and feel! We’ve upped our game with a  new responsive UI that looks cleaner and even better loads faster.
A nicer introduction to InVision. First time users get a new on-boarding introduction to the different InVision console modes (like Preview, Build, and Inspect) when entering a prototype for the first time.



You can now run free usability tests through our latest integration with UserTesting. Upload a prototype of your website or app and receive a 5-minute video of real user feedback. Test your mobile and desktop designs early and often, and incorporate user input throughout your product development process. Learn more about the partnership here.