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Accessing a Private Cloud instance via the InVision iOS app


This article only applies to Private Cloud customers who have dedicated InVision instances. If you use SSO, use the Enterprise sign-in screen under the Private Cloud activation.

Private Cloud customers enjoy enhanced security features including isolated storage for their sensitive and confidential assets.

To connect your Private Cloud account to the InVision iOS app, you'll need to follow this process:

  1. Download the InVision iOS application from the App Store.
  2. Open Safari on your iOS device, and navigate to your organization's unique Private Cloud URL. For example:
    You must use Safari for this step. The Chrome web browser will not work.
  3. Open the InVision app.
  4. When asked to switch to the Private Cloud, tap yes.
    After tapping yes, the InVision app will automatically close.
  5. Open the app and sign in to your account.
    If SSO is enabled, sign in using the Enterprise sign-in screen. If SSO is not enabled, use the default sign-in screen. You should then see your Private Cloud data.

Frequently asked questions

How do I switch back to the public InVision instance?

In order to make the switch back, you’ll need to remove the app completely from your device. Then, you can reinstall the app via the App Store.

Why won’t some of my share links work now that I’ve made the switch to Private Cloud?

Share links to other client accounts which are part of the public InVision service won't be accessible from the InVision iOS app if you've switched to Private Cloud. This includes new share links you open via the InVision iOS app. You will need to view these prototypes via your browser instead of via the InVision iOS app if they're not part of your Private Cloud instance.

Why am I seeing a "Something went wrong" error?

If you try to view a Private Cloud share link in the iOS app, and you receive the error "Something went wrong," it's possible that either the app is pointing to the wrong domain or you are not signed in to your Private Cloud account. 

Before opening any share links, first make sure that the app is pointing to your Private Cloud domain (following the instructions above for accessing a Private Cloud instance). Then, sign in with your Private Cloud email address and password. You should now be able to view any Private Cloud share links. 

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