Why am I seeing a Missing Fonts warning in my prototype?

Note: This article mentions generating screens by uploading a Sketch file. This method of syncing is being discontinued for existing customers effective August 14 and are unavailable to new customers. Please see the announcement for more details. We strongly recommend that you start using Craft Sync now.

When a Sketch source file is uploaded to InVision, the text within the screens is processed using the font files that were uploaded to the prototype's /Assets/Fonts/ directory. If a file for a particular font couldn't be found, a version of that font from our servers (if available) is used. However, if no version of the font is found, the postscript name of the font is displayed within a Missing Fonts dialog in the prototype, as shown here:


How to fix the font issue

To fix this and remove the Missing Fonts dialog, upload the corresponding font file to the prototype and resync the Sketch file by following these steps:

  1. Open your Applications folder and launch Font Book.
  2. Select each font and style you've used in your Sketch file.
  3. Choose File > Export Fonts.
  4. Upload the exported font files directly into your prototype's /Assets/Fonts directory. Place the fonts directly into the root /Assets/Fonts directory (not in a subdirectory).
  5. Re-sync or re-upload your Sketch file, so that InVision reprocesses your screens using your newly uploaded fonts. This step is necessary if you’re uploading fonts after already having synced your Sketch file, as uploading the fonts alone won't trigger your screens to re-process using those newly uploaded fonts.

Once this is done and the Sketch file finishes processing, that font should disappear from the Missing Fonts dialog, and if there are no remaining fonts missing, the dialog will disappear.

Why can’t I dismiss the Missing Fonts dialog?

The Missing Fonts dialog is displayed each time the Sketch file is synced if a font is still missing at the time of syncing, and so dismissing the dialog will only temporarily remove it until the next time the file is synced. To prevent the dialog from reappearing each time your file is synced, resolve the underlying missing font issue using the steps above.

Why is the Missing Fonts dialog showing after I upload the font?

If you've uploaded the font and resynced your Sketch file, there may be a short delay before the Missing Fonts dialog disappears. The Missing Fonts check is performed at the end of the syncing process, and so if screens are still in the process of being updated, the font check will not yet have occurred.

If you're still having trouble with the Missing Fonts dialog after syncing completes, please contact us for further help.