How can I embed my prototype in Confluence if using Confluence Server?

This document references an older method of embedding prototypes in Confluence that should be used only if you're using Confluence Server and can't use the new method, or if you need your mobile prototype to be fully interactive.

Note: You can currently only embed an entire mobile prototype in Confluence.

To embed your prototype in Confluence Server:

  1. From your prototype’s dashboard, click the ••• button at the top, then click </> Embed Prototype.
  2. Select EMBEDLY.
  3. Click the Copy Code button.
  4. Go to your Confluence page.
  5. Click the + drop down menu on the right side of your Confluence menu.
  6. Click Other macros at the bottom of the drop down menu, then search iFRAME.
  7. In the URL field on the left, paste the code you copied in step 3.
  8. Go back to your prototype dashboard, then select iFrame instead of Embedly and make note of the width and height values you see in the code.

    Back on your Confluence page, scroll down to Width and Height and enter the values you see in the code.
  9. Click Save to view your Confluence page.