Conducting User Tests with UserTesting and Lookback

Make more confident design decisions with InVision’s new user research partners UserTesting & Lookback. Watch how your prototype performs with users. From the prototype screen view, click on the User Test button   in the upper right corner beside the LiveShare and Share buttons. From here, you’ll be prompted to connect your account and get started. 


Lookback lets your users record the screen, face, voice and touches when using an app or website. After recording, users can preview, discard or upload the recording to your Lookback dashboard. You get control to distribute your projects. Learn more here.

Lookback is no longer making their tests free and unlimited forever. From an announcement by Lookback’s CEO: “The transition to paid will roll out in stages from here on, and everybody who’s been using our cloud offering for free up until now will be given a grace period to decide which plan to switch to. We will not suddenly force you to start paying and shut you out from your data. Your data will remain safe with us long beyond the grace period is over, should you decide not to upgrade immediately to a paid plan.”



Let UserTesting find participants for you, run a usability test and get videos of real people speaking their thoughts as they use your website, mobile app, prototype, and more - all for free! It's a great way to discover usability issues and get feedback on your products and designs. Learn more here.