How do I comment on a prototype?

Collaborate on prototypes by adding comments and emoji. You’ll be able to select different comment types, add more people to the conversation, or keep conversations private.

Adding a Comment

To add a comment to a prototype screen:

  1. Open the prototype and go into a screen.
  2. Click in to comment mode.
    Collaborators (users added to the prototype via the + button) and Enterprise Reviewers will need to click the conversation icon at the bottom of the screen to go into Comment Mode.

    Consumer Reviewers will need to toggle comments on at the bottom right of the screen.

  3. Click anywhere on the screen to leave a comment.

If logged out of your InVision account or you do not have an account, InVision will prompt you to sign up or sign in.         

Note: At this time, it’s not possible to add a general comment to the prototype; you’ll need to add comments to specific screens instead.

Adding Someone to your Comment

Notify others of your comment by clicking Add others to this conversation and @ mentioning them by name or email address.

Using Emoji in your Comment

Add emoji to your comments by clicking the emoji icon within the comment modal. Learn more about using emoji in comments here.

Changing your Comment Type

When you leave a comment on a prototype, you can choose between the following comment types by clicking the drop down menu next to Leave a Comment.


To converse with your external users, select the pink Comment comment type. Choosing this comment type makes the comment viewable both within the app and via URL shares.

A Private Comment is only viewable to you and collaborators (users with an InVision account that you added via the + button on your prototype).

A Note (formerly called a Dev Note) is a comment type that can only be seen by the prototype owner and collaborators on a prototype. External stakeholders/clients are unable to see these comments. Learn more about the purpose of the Note comment type here.


Tour Points let you walk your users through your prototype—even when you’re not there to speak for yourself. Learn more about Tours here.

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How do I comment on a prototype?