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Does the InVision iOS app support SSO for Enterprise accounts?

The InVision iOS app supports Single Sign-On (SSO) for Enterprise accounts. To learn more about SSO and Enterprise accounts, check out this article.

To sign in to an Enterprise account with SSO via the InVision iOS App:

  1. Open the InVision app and touch Sign In.
  2. On the sign-in screen, just below the Email address field, tap the Know your team domain? link.
  3. Enter your team’s unique domain (e.g.,, and then touch Continue.
  4. Touch Sign in.
  5. Enter your SSO credentials.
    The SSO sign-in experience (the additional SSO screens you see) varies based on your SSO service provider.
  6. When you are returned to the InVision sign-in screen from step 4, touch Sign In again.

The InVision app will then open to the homescreen, where you can access your projects for the Enterprise.