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How can I generate both 1x and 2x exports in Inspect?


You can generate 1x and 2x exports in both Photoshop and Sketch to be used in Inspect.


In Sketch, create 1x and 2x export versions in the export panel. Afterward, sync your file via Craft Sync. You should then notice the assets in Inspect.



In Photoshop, add a file format extension to the name of the layer you want to export before syncing. The following file format extensions are supported:

  • .png
  • .gif
  • .jpg

All layer assets are exported at 1x by default. If you wish to export the layer at 2x, add @2x to the end of the layer name. For example, [email protected]. Afterward, sync your file via Craft Sync.

Exporting assets to InVision from Photoshop at 3x is not supported.

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