Why can’t I see the contents of my Sketch file in Inspect?

Note: This article refers to syncing files via Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box which is being discontinued. Please see the announcement for more details. We strongly recommend that you start using Craft Sync now. This does not impact InVision Sync or the uploading of Sketch or PSD files to generate screens.

Inspect for consumer plans only works with Sketch documents synced to prototypes via the Craft Sync plugin. All artboards from your Sketch document will be Inspect-ready.

Enterprise users and existing Inspect Public Beta users will be able to continue to use server-size extraction (via drag and drop method, InVision sync, Dropbox or Box sync, and Craft Sync).

You may not see the contents of your Sketch file in Inspect if the screen extraction completes before Inspect processing finishes. In that case, wait a few minutes and you should then be able to inspect your Sketch file’s contents.