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Inbox rollout beginning for select users on March 28, 2016

Update: Inbox and @ mentions are now both fully released as of April 15, 2016. The contents of this news item are no longer relevant.

We're happy to announce that we've concluded our private beta test of Inbox and some users will begin to see Inbox become available starting on March 28, 2016. We are rolling out to a percentage of our customer base and will slowly be increasing the number of users with access to Inbox until it has been completely released.

Common Questions

What is Inbox?

For more on Inbox, please refer to Introduction to Inbox which explains what Inbox is and how to use it.

Why don't I have Inbox yet? How can I get it?

We are doing a phased rollout with accounts being randomly selected to receive Inbox. If you don't yet have Inbox, please be patient. You should automatically receive Inbox in the coming weeks.

Why don't I see the ability to @ mention people

The ability to @ mention a user in a comment is a feature of Inbox that we're rolling out more slowly. Because this is a major shift for commenting in InVision, we're doing a slower, phased rollout to make sure that everything is as smooth as possible for our users. Even once you receive Inbox access, you will not receive access to @ mentions right away.

Please see Introduction to Inbox for some additional info around @ mentions and Inbox.