Why am I seeing "Something went wrong!" when installing Craft plugins?

Reasons why Craft Manager may not be able to install Craft plugins

You will see a message saying "Something went wrong!" if the Craft installer encounters trouble installing Craft. There are a few reasons why the Craft installer may not be able to install Craft.

The application is installed in a non-standard location

The Craft installer checks for the presence of Sketch or Photoshop in the default location. For Sketch and Photoshop on OS X, that's the Applications folder. For Photoshop on Windows, that's generally the Program Files folder.

If you've installed Photoshop or Sketch to a non-standard location, you will need to install Craft manually. You can view instructions on how to manually install Craft by going to the Help menu within the installer.

You're attempting to install the application without MacOS Administrator privileges

If your MacOS user account is not set as an Administrator, you'll need to request that someone with an Administrator account installs Craft on your behalf, or change your user account permissions.

The application is named something different than usual

If you've renamed the application (e.g. "Sketch 3" instead of just "Sketch") then the installer will have trouble finding it as well. Make sure the app has the default name.

You're using an unsupported version of the application

Craft is only compatible with newer versions of Sketch and Photoshop. Make sure you're using a supported version as described in What versions of Photoshop and Sketch do you support?

You should also check to ensure that there are not older versions of Sketch present on your computer, as this can sometimes result in the "Unsupported version" error even if you have an up-to-date version of Sketch in the default install location. To find and remove older versions of Sketch:

  1. Open a Finder window and press CMD+F
  2. In the Search field, type Sketch.
  3. Change the Kind filter to "Application"
  4. Locate any older versions of Sketch.app in the search results, and move those to the trash  
  5. Empty the trash completely

The application isn't installed at all

Double check to make sure that Sketch or Photoshop are actually installed.

You are behind a firewall or are using a proxy

See this article for whitelisting instructions.

What if none of the above helps?


Generally, issues with installing Craft for Sketch are due to the installation of Sketch. We don't recommend manually installing the Craft plugins for Sketch. Verify that Sketch is installed in the correct location and hasn't been renamed. If you're still having trouble, please contact Support for further help.


You should try manually installing Craft for Photoshop to see if this helps. If not, reach out to Support for further help.

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Why am I seeing "Something went wrong!" when installing Craft plugins?