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How can I download or save an object within Inspect?


With Inspect you can view and download individual or multiple assets that you set for export—in Sketch—before uploading to InVision Cloud via Craft Sync.

Marking layers for export in your source file

To see assets in Inspect, you must first mark layers for export in Sketch and sync your prototype to InVision Cloud. If you don't complete these actions, the assets won't appear in Inspect.


To enable asset download for layers within a symbol, the layers within the symbol must be marked for export in Sketch. To learn more, check out this article: How do I enable asset download for layers within a symbol in Craft Sync?

For each artboard, we recommend giving a unique name to every group, nested group, and layer that you want to export as assets. If multiple layers or groups share the same name, it can prevent Inspect from generating the assets.

With Craft Sync for Photoshop, you can generate assets for export by adding a supported extension—includes .png, .gif, and .jpg—to the end of the layer name:


Once you've marked layers for export and synced the prototype, you can view the assets by navigating to the top-right corner of Inspect and clicking the Assets tab.

There's not a way to remove assets within Inspect. To remove an asset, unmark the layer as exportable in Sketch and re-sync your prototype. In Photoshop, remove the extension from the file name and re-sync your prototype.

Downloading assets

There are two different ways to download assets while working in Inspect: Download an asset from a specific layer or use the Assets tab to download one or more assets for the entire screen.

To download an asset from a specific layer:

  1. Click the desired layer—either in the layers list or on your prototype screen.
  2. Below the thumbnail in the information panel, click Download.
    If there are multiple formats available, this button will say Download all formats.

To download one or more assets for the entire screen:

  1. Ensure that the screen itself, rather than individual layers, is selected.
  2. At the top of the information panel, click the Assets tab.
  3. Hover over an asset and click the Download icon (inspect-for-studio-download-asset-icon.png), or download all the assets on the screen by clicking Download assets.

The asset/s will download directly to your computer.

It's not possible to adjust assets in Inspect. You'll need to manage your export settings within Sketch, and then re-sync your prototype. For Photoshop, change the file name and sync again.

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