Which file formats do you accept for fonts?

Note: This article mentions generating screens by uploading a Sketch file. This method of syncing is being discontinued for existing customers effective August 14 and are unavailable to new customers. Please see the announcement for more details. We strongly recommend that you start using Craft Sync now.

We currently only support Sketch fonts in OTF & TTF formats.

Unsupported Fonts

If you try to upload an unsupported font, you’ll see this error:

You’ll need to upload a supported format of the font (OTF or TTF) instead.

Missing Fonts

If we have trouble fetching an uploaded font or if you haven’t uploaded the font at all, you’ll see an error like this each time you update your Sketch file:


How can I fix the way my font is being rendered?

To fix this, add your fonts to the project's Fonts folder. On the web, you'll find the Fonts folder in the project's Assets. If you're using InVision Sync or Dropbox, head to InVision > Your Email > Your Project > Assets > Fonts. Place all of your Sketch file's fonts directly in the Fonts folder, without sub-folders.

Note that you should only upload one version of each of the fonts you're using (i.e. OTF, TTF). Be sure the uploaded version is the exact same font file you are using in your Sketch doc. If you've already uploaded more than one, please delete the ones you don't need. And, if an exported font comes out in a format like .dfont or .ttc, you can use online services like Transfonter to convert to TTF format, and then drop that TTF into your Fonts folder.


Typekit & SkyFonts Fonts

At the moment, we do not support Typekit, SkyFonts, or other subscription-based fonts with our Sketch sync feature. You’ll need to export out each page/artboard to a JPG/PNG/GIF to go around the Sketch sync feature. This is the only way to use the specific fonts.

We are looking to potentially support Typekit in a future release.